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Lloyd Pye - Tackling Science
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Lloyd was upon the path of exposing the genetic alteration or hybridization of Homo sapiens.
The ancient race, Homo capensis, desired to revitalize their decaying genetics with fresh chromosomes. A hundred thousand years ago that ancient Lumanian civilization experiemented with all humanoid species within the Proto-Saturnic solar-system which included Earth, Mars, Venus, Titan and Triton which accumulated enough water to allow life within the "Garden of Eden": ⁣http://tob.ezyro.com/Pics/Proto-Saturn.png

The Mystery School Cult redirected Pye by giving him a Lumanian slave skull that was called "Starchild". Brien Foerster was already exploring the Lumanian elongated Satan-race skulls in Peru: ⁣http://brainchipzombies.unaux.....com/Pics/Ica%20Peru.

Pye was hindered until the poisoning of his physical body and mind took effect and Pye died.