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#7 Talk with Dakota of Earth | Psychedelics, DMT, Entities & Why is Shamanism Re-emerging?
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#7 Talk with Dakota of Earth | Psychedelics, DMT, Entities & Why is Shamanism Re-emerging?
Today I am talking with the creator of Youtube channel Dakota of Earth, a spiritual and psychedelic journeyman and vlogger who trots the globe in search of diverse spiritual and psychedelic experiences. He is also a talented poet and the host of the popular podcast ‘a place for humans’. A truly humble and sincere spiritual seeker, I am delighted to welcome Dakota to the shed.

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00:00 start
01:34 Dakota's spiritual path
12:26 San Pedro/ Peyote
26:47 Ayahuasca
30:27 DMT / DMT Serpents
33:44 why is shamanism re-emerging
36:35 Ego consciousness
48:39 UFOS, Aliens or higher consciousness

# 6 Talk with Darren le Baron | psilocybin, spirituality, sustainable living and more.
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# 6 Talk with Darren le Baron | psilocybin, spirituality, sustainable living and more.

Today I am speaking to the creator of Youtube channel Darren le Baron, he is a teacher, researcher and public speaker. He is a qualified horticulturist and permaculture teacher. He is also a mentor and positive inspiration to young people from tough backgrounds and environments. He set up his own charitable organisation Ancient future in 2006 and set up many other projects based in the arts and African-Caribbean history and culture. He is an advocate of psychedelics and their use to treat people as a form of healing but more notably as a doorway to spiritual realisation and to lift the veil on the lost wisdom of ancestors .He was inspired by and has taught beside the late Kilindi. A modern day Shaman, mycologist and instructor of martial arts. Like kilindi Darren le Baron is a responsible educator and advocate of psilocybin, his research has been heard at the psychedelic conference ‘breaking convention’ the ‘entheogenic conference’ and many more. The spreader of spores. We welcome Darren le Baron to Shaman’s shed.

Link to Darren Le Baron:


Awesome Talk at ‘Breaking Convention’

Link for Kilindi:

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#5 Aliens, UFOS or higher consciousness? Shaman's Shed Podcast.
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This week we talk about aliens, UFOS and ask whether they are real, scripted or part of our higher selves. I'm joined by my buddy Mike to take a look at the mainstream narrative of Hollywood, Governments and more. We also ask Nasa Astronaut Terry Virts for his opinion on beings from outer space. Finally I speak with IllumiGnostic to explore the Native American belief systems based around Star tribes.

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0:00 start
0:39 Aliens and history
4:42 Conversation with Mike and Mike
40:56 Asking NASA astronaut Terry Virts about alien life
43:39 IllumiGnostic, aliens and shamanism
49:40 photo of unidentified rock of alleged Pleiadian origin

Link for Illumignostic

Link for Scrawny2brawny- Back 2 the future series

#Aliens #ufos #Nasa #ufo #extraterrestrial

#4 Talk with Illumignostic | Shamanism, plant medicine and UFOS. @Illumignostic
7 Views · 14 days ago

#4 Talk with Illumignostic | Shamanism, plant medicine and UFOS.Today I chat with Illumignostic.

He has a wealth of knowledge ranging from Esotericism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism to Jungian psychology. He is based in Ecuador and has spent time with a variety of tribes and shamans, learning rituals and the secrets of plant medicine. Furthermore he has experience of a number of esoteric and occult practices and socieities. His channel provides very sincere and relatable esoteric wisdom and I strongly recommend it.

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Simon Brian Harvey-Wilson Thesis-

#Ayahuasca #shamanism #shaman's shed

#3 Ego Consciousness and Hollywood. Shaman's Shed Podcast.
3 Views · 14 days ago

Picking up where we left off last time, looking at the current frequency of our chaotic material world. Are we all stuck in 'ego consciousness' ? is it time we raise our vibration and exit the matrix? is Hollywood's rotten core actually all part of the staged show, to turn us inward? We look at Total Recall, the Truman Show, the Matrix and many more. Exploring Jungian archetypes and perhaps the need to shift our consciousness from the 'Ego' dream to Christ Consciousness. With the world in an exciting and difficult period, are things about to change? Are we coming to the end of one cycle and the beginning of another? Join me in the shed and listen to Shaman's Shed. All will be discussed.

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#endoftheworld #meditation #Hollywood #jungian

#2 Ego Consciousness. Shaman's Shed Podcast.
6 Views · 14 days ago

A thunderstorm of thoughts on the current state of the world. With tensions rising, plagues arriving, UFOS flying, we look at the underlying frequency maybe causing our current state of affairs. The illusion, the veil that many traditions refer to as 'Ego consciousness' the world waking up, the curtain being pulled back?

#ego consciousness #endofaworldcycle #Kali Yuga #endoftheworld #armageddon

#1 End of a World Cycle? Shaman's Shed Podcast.
12 Views · 14 days ago

An intro to the channel touching on the state of the world and why shamanism and spirituality has taken a drastic re-emergence in our collective consciousness. Are we at the end of a cycle like Kali Yuga or as the Mayans saw it? Is Trauma a necessity to spiritual awakening? All will be discussed.

#endoftheworld #KaliYuga #endofaworldcycle #egoconsciousness

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