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The 2021 Handmade Treasures Video Catalog Is Here!
Host Rick
17 Views · 2 months ago

You know we have to support the wife's business~

Sneak Peek at Indy Scream Park 2021 _ Halloween _ Special _ Indianapolis _ Anderson _ Epic Footage _
Host Rick
16 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Watch The Sneak Peek at Indiana's Biggest Haunted House, Epic Coverage, Indy Scream Park has six attractions in one midway, only in Anderson Indiana. Hosted by Rick Moghadam, and The Funded Project

Season Two Sneak Peek of The Funded Project at the end of this special episode!

@Indy Scream Park


Episode 25- The Funded Project Holiday Special- EPIC Fireworks- Projects Funded!
Host Rick
12 Views · 2 months ago

⁣We gave 6 businesses a total $15,000 in cash and services and put on the largest private funded fireworks show on in Madison County. Urban Fresh got the bus wrapped by Lucian Agape', who got sponsored for over half of the cost of his website build, Rusty Spoke Café only had to cover gas money for a freezer repair that would have cost the business $4,000.00 fully covered by The Funded Project and Rick is giving away the 2 outdoor spaces for vendors bought and paid for at the summer days fest by TANL this coming weekend. Home Evolution Services got sponsored for a $3,000.00 customer management system free of charge to them, and Fast Response gets fees waived to expand that will bring countless jobs to Madison County. The Funded Project also covers the costs of video production for the for the forthcoming Soul fest in August. Watch Rick and Doug unbox fireworks as they prep for the show, a city-wide BBQ and a great future for many caused a celebration like none other.

A special shout-out to Frank Nitty and Vain Metals as they were accepted into The Funded Project’s Sponsored business backer program, we cannot wait to see this grow! Frank can fabricate anything out of recycled metal and Rick has a plan to help this business become a multi-million dollar fabrication facility.
The Rusty Spoke Café got sponsored for 70% of the cost for the Metroplex restaurant management system with the live-on-the-fly wireless order processing system built into it, a new state-of-the-art point of sale system that was developed by Metromedia Funding Solutions with a contactless payment system, and the first of its kind to go into Iowa allowing the start-up café to have the upper edge on every business in a 100-mile radius of her business.
Lucian Agape' gets a 3D VR server website with a customer management system that is capable of carrying this new business into a bright future, Rick gave him the credit card processing program totally free of charge.

We got chased by a tornado on our way to Iowa- and stopped at the biggest truck stop ever!
Host Rick
13 Views · 2 months ago

⁣The world's largest truck stop was cool and we toured it, and then we got chased by a tornado on the way home, what a crazy day!

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Anger Management Groups Are Not For Dating
Host Rick
3 Views · 2 months ago

Just Something Funny

The Funded Project- Wilson Farm Market and Sheridan Martial Science - Pai-Lum-Tao Fight Scenes Sword
Host Rick
42 Views · 10 months ago

⁣Like and Subscribe and hit the bell. The Funded Project spotlights Wilson Farm Market and walks through and showcases Indiana's premiere Amish goods retailer and buys Wilson Farm Market fried chicken for Coy W. Monroe, a Sheridan Police officer who operates Sheridan Martial Science, a Pai-Lum-Tao Martial Arts facility. He offers deeply discounted classes to keep kids off the streets and teaches them life skills.

Wilson Farm Market is owned by 3rd generation Scott Wilson who worked with his Father and Grandfather on the farm and in the store before he was handed down the family business. He has remodeled the facility to make it modern and easy to find the specialty grocery items that Wilson Farm Market is known for.

Learn more about Wilson Farm Market at

Learn More about Sheridan Martial Arts at

The Funded Project is a movement to save main Street America and you can learn more about the efforts at

Sponsored by

A special shout out to for the epic footage from Wilson Farm Market's Fall Festival


The Funded Project- Spotlight- Bobber's Cafe at Shadyside Cafe- Anderson Indiana-
Host Rick
73 Views · 10 months ago

⁣She could win $50,000; Stacie advances to the top 15 and leading her group in the Favorite chef competition. The Funded Project launches a contest for a special 4th of July Episode where it plans to change the lives of five lucky business owners, Indiana's best tenderloin winner announced by Circle City Magazine, Metromedia Funding Solutions pledges $250,000.00 to the Save Main Street Movement, motivation to keep pushing from an outfit she just met, Rick gives words of encouragement that we can all use.

Learn more and rally for Stacie

Help the Funded Project help others when you buy a T-shirt

The funded project is a group of friends in the journalism and business development space that came together to fight for small businesses to have resources available to them that would normally only be in reach for big businesses.

#Anderson IN

We filled 8 food pantries up in Madison, and Hamilton Counties - The Funded Project in action
Host Rick
21 Views · 10 months ago

⁣The Funded Project spotlights
Feeding Team is a no-questions-asked neighborhood food pantry
We also spotlight Erica's
Spotlight on Los Compadres in Anderson
Shout out to Metromedia Funding for backing The Funded Project
and Handmade Treasures for supporting this cause too!

Learn more about The Funded Project and shop merch at

This was EPIC! Christmas Lights synchronized to music
Host Rick
25 Views · 10 months ago

Taped in Anderson Indiana

This girl's boss never gave up on her, let's take him the world's best pizza
Host Rick
35 Views · 10 months ago

Angel got COVID and so did her son who already is handicapped. We had to go give him something for that, he deserves some time to shine! ⁣

Damn snow- Oh well, time to give away a bunch of stuff to small business owners
Host Rick
35 Views · 10 months ago

⁣Please like and subscribe, and hit the bell! We could not get out last week to tape the episode as we wanted but, we came up with an idea, let's use our video production and build up a bunch of small businesses with some Super Bowl quality social media commercials.

Help us help others!
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Yes, we know there were a few typos on graphics, as expected when some editors are snowed in LOL... Snow....

Did Rick find the best breakfast destination ever?
Host Rick
32 Views · 10 months ago

⁣Rick and his crew review this Hamilton County Favorite!
A.J's Cafe is home to fresh-made biscuits, 1/2 lb burgers, and meals where you know you are getting your money's worth! Come hungry!
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The Funded Project puts small businesses like this in the spotlight.
Support our cause to save Main Street businesses
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War had Been Declared- Standing up for Small Businesses-
Host Rick
45 Views · 10 months ago

⁣We wager war against large retailers to bring traffic back to small businesses. Rick raids a Walmart, Two eCommerce retail stores find refuge in the fight in very different ways, and the Best Mom contest launched for another retail establishment. The Funded Project calls in the big guns at Metromedia Funding Solutions to fight for small businesses across the country. The soundtrack to this episode is under license for The Funded Project through Triple Scoop Music (some adobe royalty-free) as they join the fight to save main street businesses with The Funded Project. Rick creates a whole new platform for a retail store that got robbed by Amazon.

Learn more about The Funded Project
Learn more about Handmade Treasures
Learn more about New Fashion Direct
Learn more about Wilson Farm Market
Enter to win the shopping spree in the Best Mom contest


Watch Business Owners win cash and prizes, submit your story, huge episode for the 4th of July 2021
Host Rick
38 Views · 11 months ago

⁣Every business owner has been affected. Every Single Last ONE. The Funded Project is going to have a holiday special for you!
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