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Corny Virus Facts For Autobelievers No. 3
30 Views · 3 months ago

So, you wanna get the jab? Think again.

Originally uploaded in May 2020. Music: They Lie We See – "Starving The Screen": ⁣

Corny Virus Facts For Autobelievers No. 2
30 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Was the CV "test" meant to detect a virus?

Originally uploaded on yt in May 2020. Music: They Lie We See – "Accepted On Faith" (feat. IPS).

Corny Virus Facts For Autobelievers No. 1
56 Views · 3 months ago

Old news to some, but since there are many falling for the misinfo that the alleged virus came into existence "naturally", and others spreading the disinfo that the virus was released on purpose from some laboratory, let's get back to basics!

Originally published on yt back in May 2020. Music: ⁣⁣They Lie We See – "Accepted On Faith" (feat. IPS)

When They Have Nothing To Offer
96 Views · 4 months ago

Choose LIFE!

9/11 No Planes Hoaxaversary (Ace Baker)
100 Views · 5 months ago

Just in case you're not up to speed 😏

Nonessential Phunk (2021 Edit) – They Lie We See
36 Views · 5 months ago

Originally released in spring 2020. Enhanced audio & visuals for ourtube.

⁣Music & video by They Lie We See.

So Long – Isa Mahalski (TLWS Extended Curfew Version)
13 Views · 5 months ago

⁣#remix #summer #babylonlockdown

A remix of a remix of sorts. We did our first version back in summer 2018, and thought it would be fun to revisit it. This video clip has re-edited footage from the initial remix.

Original song: Isa Mahalski.
Remix & video: They Lie We See.
Mix & master: Jaba Decoded.

The FE Experience [ feat. IPS ] – TLWS & 24K
85 Views · 6 months ago

Originally released in early 2018. Optimized visuals for ourtube.

Music by 24K & TLWS.
Lyrics by IPS.
Footage by My Perspective.
Video by TLWS.

Abundance (2021 Refix) – They Lie We See
103 Views · 6 months ago

⁣Music & Video by TLWS.
Finishing touches by Jaba Decoded.

Originally released in December 2017. This edit has improved audio & video.

The Anatomy of a Hoax - Truth Brought to You by Aaron Dover - "The Youtube Version"
82 Views · 8 months ago

"The Youtube Version" in quotes, because even this edit was apparently too 'controversial' for youtube – deleted within 24h... Mirrored from History Buried channel

The Ultimate Covid1984 Compilation
85 Views · 8 months ago

⁣⁣⁣⁣Compiled by They Lie We See.
Thanks to all featured artists.⁣

Jaba – What We Gonna Do?
Media Bear – Fauci The Con-Man
Media Bear – mRNA
Charlie Cheswick – Never Gonna Jab Me Up
Media Bear – We're Watching
Chico Roze – Ro-Na
Chico Roze – Big Coffa
Charlie Cheswick – Vaccinator
Anarchonauten – Zeugen Coronas
Unknown Artist – The Vaccinating Experience
Keim Life – Fische Ham Jetzt Covid
Thrice8 Hermes – Caravan Of Love (Bonus Track)

Starving The Screen
28 Views · 8 months ago

Originally aired on 9-11-2019.

Music & video by They Lie We See.

Dusted Smoke – Strictly Wax Mix For The Unvaxxed
32 Views · 9 months ago

⁣#unvaxxed4life​ #smokerzchoice​ #headz​ #boombap⁣

The Goose – Fink
Cantona Style – The Prunes
Only The Strong Survive (Underdog Remix No.2) – DJ Krush
Fourth World – El Jazzy Chavo
Spectrum – El Jazzy Chavo
Everyday All Day – Mike Flips
Confusion – Spaze Windu
In Da Office – Karmawin
Funky Fresh Copilots – Figub Brazlevic feat. Noritsu & DJ Educut
Do You Understand? – Sam Sever And The R.O.T.L.A
Sour Times (Lot More Mix) – Portishead
My Heart Sings – Freak Power
Meiso (DJ Shadow Instrumental Klub Mix) – DJ Krush
Magicman – Bonobo
Enjoy – Emapea
Fastform – Jodu
Mixed by TLWS in May 2021. Mastering by Ryck.

thrice8 Hermes: Acceptance? or The Great FUCK OFF (TLWS Edit)
63 Views · 9 months ago

⁣Original, full 9min video:

The Stephen Hawking Deception [ Mirror]
64 Views · 9 months ago

⁣So you're an admirer of the guy with the twitching cheek device? Think again.

Lies In The News, Truth In Movies: The Songwriter
48 Views · 10 months ago

Brilliant parable

What's A Virus?
63 Views · 10 months ago

⁣#covaids​ #covid1984 ⁣#autohoax​

Initially uplaoded on yt in April 2020. Re-cut for ourtube.

Original text:
Amidst all the breadcrumb chewing, rabbit hole chasing, speculating on the whodunnit, hypothesising on (((THEIR))) end game, deciphering of the gematria, and decoding of the meta-script (all of which have their place), only a few seem to actually pose the question: What is a virus, and what does it do? Hopefully this docu will help fill in the gaps.

Virus Mania by Thorsten Engelbrecht & Claus Koehnlein (PDF):

You cannot catch a virus!

More Aajonus Vonderplanitz:

Thomas Cowan full clip:

Microspace Hoax (Curious Life):

Intro / outro music:

The Definite Covid1984 Compilation
89 Views · 10 months ago

Compiled by They Lie We See.
Thanks to all featured artists.

Marty Leeds – More Tests More Cases
Lachlan Jacques – Covid1984 Blues
Charlie Cheswick – Bill Gates Is A Wanker
Unknown Artist – Shops & Shutdown
Emanuel Goldstein – Covid1984 Clip Officiel
Phat Bataille – Covid1984
Media Bear – Safety Mask
Media Bear – Surgical Mask On Her Face
They Lie We See – Nonessential Phunk
They Lie We See – Social Diss-Dancing
Jaba – PlanicFearDemic
Jaba – PlanicFearDemic (TLWS Rmx)
They Lie We See – The Mind Virus
Phizzo – Zeugen Coronas
Keine Band Mit Einem Lied – Hochrisikogebiet

Stop Spreading Misinfo! The Plandemic Is Real!
166 Views · 10 months ago

#covaids #scamdemic #autohoax

⁣Music by Chief Crow & The Flat Earth Worms. Buy the track here:

Although we've autohoaxed the corny virus more than a year ago, we would have never imagined the insanity that took over our plane of existence ever since. "Celebrating" one year of the worldwide Rona IQ test, we're sharing this video on ourtube for posteriority.

Original text:
⁣Inspired by the citizen journalism of late and the hashtag filmyourhospital, I've recently decided to have a look & document the "crisis" for myself.

Coming Into Being (2021 Remake)
60 Views · 10 months ago

Music & video by They Lie We See.
Audio & visuals optimized for ourtube.
Original version aired in April 2019.

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