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Micky Jupp - You will Never Get Me Up (piano and vocals cover by Ant Jones on 432Hz tuned piano)
15 Views · 6 months ago

A spur of the moment rendition. I have been practicing a bit but a couple of beers led me to this........I hope you like :)

IF ONLY MOTHER --- MICKEY JUPP (432Hz piano and vocals cover by Ant Jones)
21 Views · 7 months ago

Another phone recording of myself doing a cover version of Mickey Jupps "if only mother" I altered the lyrics in one of the verses as I play piano not guitar.
Turn the volume up as the sound is quite

MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE - BOB DYLAN (432Hz Piano and vocals cover by Ant Jones)
18 Views · 7 months ago

I'm just having a practice and trying to learn this great number.
If any muso's are confused as to what key I play in......My piano has gone out of tune from concert pitch.....the 4th A or the A after middle C is almost perfectly in tune with 432Hz whereas concert pitch as we know it today is 440 Hz.....I'll just leave that there....
Thanks for looking if you have ... and if you like it please give it a Thumbs up.

LEAVING ON A JET PLANE - written by John Denver (cover by Ant Jones)
21 Views · 7 months ago

Great song by John Denver. I present my version. Hope you like it . Recorded in Lockdown UK 2020

SUCH A NIGHT - written by Dr John (piano and vocals cover by Ant Jones)
22 Views · 7 months ago

I love this song and my favourite from the amazing Dr John. I hope you like my version. Stay safe people. :)

IMAGINE ---JOHN LENNON (432Hz piano and vocals cover by Ant Jones)
20 Views · 7 months ago

Love this number... unusual for me to remember the words....don't know what happened !

HAVE A GOOD TIME - written by Paul Simon (piano cover by Ant Jones)
20 Views · 7 months ago

The Genius of Paul Simon....This is such a good song challenge vocally...I have a few versions but this is my latest. It's a work in progress and just recorded on an old digital camera .
Thank you so much for even reading this far....Please excuse me for swapping and changing my videos around to those that saw my first take.

Would hope that there are musos out there that can play along/backing vocals etc and just chill out and let go

SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES - written by Jesse Fuller (piano cover by Ant Jones)
23 Views · 7 months ago

Just love this song. I hope you like my version of it. Stay safe people :)

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