Bruce Stanley on The State of Florida
Bruce Stanley on The State of Florida

Bruce Stanley on The State of Florida



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Memo Sent to Biden Administration Equates School Board Protesters with Domestic Terrorists
Bruce Stanley on The State of Florida
83 Views · 2 months ago

⁣The coup government hasn't even reached its first year and already we're at "face it America, you're the terrorist" territory.

The National School Boards Association is feeling threatened by the parents who have been speaking out at school board meetings against the ridiculous mask mandates, and in response the Biden Administration (sic) has been looking to intervene and is now instructing the FBI/DOJ to find ways to classify them as domestic terrorists.

The ability to provide feedback to elected and appointed officials is one of our fundamental rights as Americans, but since they have no reasonable arguments to stand on, Orange County School Board members have even resorting to limiting speaking time and banning signs in order to quash any dissent.

Desperate moves like this prove that more people are waking up and speaking out, which is causing the official narratives to crumble. We can expect the propaganda machine and bad actors to resort to extreme tactics in order to mischaracterize those who are pushing back against these senseless and abusive policies.


⁣U.S. school board group seeks help policing threats in states including Florida

⁣Posts mischaracterize school board organization’s letter to Biden

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South Florida Rises Up Against Medical Tyranny
Bruce Stanley on The State of Florida
181 Views · 2 months ago

⁣So proud of the freedom warriors who showed up to the Worldwide Rally for Freedom in Fort Lauderdale to take a stand against Medical Tyranny!

Researchers Find Dangerous Bacteria on Kids' Masks, Florida Schools Mandate Them Anyway
Bruce Stanley on The State of Florida
180 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Are school mask mandates doing more harm than good? A study by UF researchers found 11 types of pathogens and bacteria on kids masks worn after only a day.

The burden of proof is on those who want to impose a burdensome intervention, not those who want to go about their lives normally. And the on-the-ground data shows that kids are not at additional risk and the masks aren't doing anything to reduce transmission, but the facts haven't seemed to matter this entire time.

If we still love our freedom, why would we want to teach the next generation to comply with senseless and useless policies?

Keep following Florida Civil Rights Coalition which has been doing great work challenging these unconstitutional mandates.


⁣Dangerous pathogens found on children’s face masks

⁣Masks, children and COVID-19 – Published Studies

Florida Civil Rights Coalition

Bruce Stanley & Ryan McJury on Psyops, Medical Tyranny, and the Future of Freedom
Bruce Stanley on The State of Florida
52 Views · 3 months ago

⁣When every day brings fresh new psyops, you might just be living in Psyopland.

Ryan McJury joined me to discuss the latest psyops in the news cycle, the spread of medical tyranny, and the future of freedom in the technocratic age.


⁣Robert Malone

Bill Cooper June 28, 2001

Limits to Growth Part 1

Hunter Biden smoking Crack:

Hunter Biden Laptop

Kary Mullis

Vaccine travel restrictions and bans

Rand Paul's message Time to RESIST

Klaus Schwab, Global Reset Agenda

Klaus Schwab, The 4th Industrial revolution (man/machine symbiosis)

If its not a vaccine, what is it?

Karen Kingston, pfizer whistleblower interview

Forced testing for a virus

Wuhan lab info connections

Dr. Sean Brooks, vaccine bioweapon

Officially BANNED Off YouTube For Exposing The Scamdemic
Bruce Stanley on The State of Florida
337 Views · 4 months ago

⁣As lockdown measures start getting pushed again for a second year, a new wave of censorship is needed to maintain control of the narrative. My YouTube channel was permanently banned for exposing the Scamdemic, which the censorship regime calls "medical misinformation".

The bottom line is that rebranding a flu season and reclassifying respiratory deaths does not make for a real pandemic, but the corporate media's fear-induced hypnosis is more powerful than the facts it conceals from the public.

Of course every unnecessary death is a tragedy, but forcing people to take a non-FDA approved double mRNA injection to feel safe is complete insanity.

Government mandates for forced medical procedures are completely un-American and are part of the final assault against our Constitutional rights.

Allowing the government and private employers to force in these vaccine mandates and then banning everyone else from society would be greatly unfair to the next generation and we will regret it.

Countries in Europe are already standing up, and now they're just waiting on U.S.

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