I am having problems on my mobile device!

We have made some changes to our platform lately which includes fixing the bugs in the mobile version of OurTube.

If you are having problems then you probably have an old version of the site stored in your browsers cache. To fix any issues that you are having, you will need to search google for how to clear your mobile devices web browser cache. For instance on an iPhone the default browser is safari and to clear the cache would be Settings/Safari/Clear History and Website Data.

The site will load without any problems or bugs after you have cleared your cache.

Contact us at support@ourtube.co.uk if you need help.

Why do some videos not play for me?

OurTube has been tested in Firefox, chrome, safari and brave browsers. If videos do not play it will be a problem with your setup, security settings, browser blockers and browser add-ons. It could be a whole host of problems.

You can report none playing videos using the report feature under each video.

Can I login to OurTube using my OurTube Social account?

When you login you will see our logo after 'Login with'. If you click on the logo you can login to OurTube using your OurTube Social account and therefore you do not need to create an account on OurTube to be able to login here.

What is OurTube Social?

OurTube Social is our social media platform https://www.ourtubesocial.com

It is themed like facebook and we use followers rather than a friends system. You can share material from OurTube into your posts on OurTube Social directly. Both sites will be intergrated so you can use your OurTube Social login to login to Ourtube and you will be able to share videos from ourtube using the share button and they will post directly on to your OurTube Social wall.

Tell your friends about us, share and use the social share button on OurTube social to share directly with your social media friends lists.

How do I message a user?

You can start a chat with a user by clicking on their thumbnail or username and then you will be taken to their channel. To the right of the screen, next to the suscribe button is then chat icon,

How do I block a user?

You can block a user by going to there channel and next to the subscribe button to the right you will see a circle with a strike through. Select it and you will not be able to see any content from the user which includes, messages, comments and videos. You can unblock them at anytime.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum single file size you can upload is 1GB.

I cannot activate my account. What can I do?

If you are having problems with receiving your activation link try the following first:

1. Check your spam/junk folder. On rare occasions it goes in spam based on your spam filter settings.

2. Did you use the correct email without a typo? If its not in junk/spam then the chances are you typed it in wrong. Try registering again and see if it accepts your email address.

If you are still having problems then drop us an email at support@ourtube.co.uk and we will look into it straight away and activate it manually for you.

How do I preview a video?

You can preview a video without actually loading it by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail and you will see a small preview. Obviously if its music with just cover art (one image) then their is nothing to display other than the thumbnail image, so nothing will happen. It only works on motion video.

Note: This only works with uploads not imports. Imports are hosted on other servers and our 'api' simply pulls the requested info into OurTube's databases, but it loads from the remote server, not ours. Problems with imports are at the remote end not ours.

What are the benefits of upgrading my account?

OurTube is a none profit driven website, but we have overhead costs. Memberships help contribute to that cost.

Upgrades are just £4 a month for unlimited uploads, live streaming, featured videos, supporters badge and no ads. OurTube is a site for the people, by the people.