Vladimir Putin banned gender-affirming procedures

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned Russian surgeons from allowing Russian children to undergo gender reassignment surgery. 

He stated that the transgender “fad” is a Western-backed ideology designed to corrupt the youth and destroy society, reports Thepeoplesvoice . 

Russia's State Duma unanimously approved legislation banning doctors from performing transsexual mutilation operations nationwide, and banning those claiming to be transsexual from adopting children or having legal custody of children.

The legislation is the strongest measure yet against what Russians describe as a Western-backed LGBT ideology that threatens to undermine traditional Christian values ​​in the country.

NationalFile reports : The new legislation unanimously passed by Russia's State Duma will ban doctors from performing transgender mutilation operations and will prevent Russians who claim to be trans from legally changing their gender.


For those who have already done so, the legislation will have their marriage annulled and they will lose the ability to adopt children or gain legal custody of children.