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Sure, our bodies and our minds are under constant attack, some forces try to poison both of those things. BUT constantly complaining is no solution, raising awareness is a first step, but what then? The next step is taking action to heal yourself from the poison they sneak into your body and your mind. A further step is to help others to do the same.

A healthy body heals your mind, and vice versa. Start small, and continue from there, step by step.


This is the Frobeldobel song.

It will explain to you what Frobeldobel means.

Frobeldobel is a new word, to give a name to a concept.

A concept that has always been important.

But will become crucial in the days to come.
The biggest danger of A.I
long term is loosing the ability to do things yourself. 
Abusing this tech, is like a man who would be perfectly able to walk, 
but rolls around in a wheelchair. 
His legs will atrophy, and at some point he will be bound to that chair, 
and become dependent on it, in order to move around.

Frobeldobel (frobeldobel)

the biggest enemies are despair and lazyness, 
and the weakness that comes from those. 
The only remedy for this, 
is to intentionally choose the rocky road over the paved path.
From time to time.

Frobeldobel (frobeldobel)

Always remember that frobeldobel is the way to go.
Because frobeldobel means, not giving in to despair,
Not becoming lazy, You need to exercise your body and your mind.
Frobeldobel (frobeldobel)

If you are struggeling with this,
then start out with small steps,
and take a few steps more, everyday. (everyday)
This is true for your body and your mind.
Start doing it immediatly. (immediatly)

Frobeldobel (frobeldobel)
Frobeldobel is the only way to go

[verse] [whispered]
Frobeldobel is the only way we can secure a future
that is not leading to total degeneration, 
of the human spirit.

P.s. Is this pagan magic? Yes. Its white magic, healing magic. Furthermore the ability to give names to things and abstract concepts, is a powerful thing, wich sets us apart from animals. If used correctly and for good, its a great thing. FROBELDOBEL!