A 12 minute video from Dr Reiner Fuellmich, dated April 29th 2024-

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n addition to the heavily redacted documents from Germany’s Robert Koch Institute, analogous to the CDC in USA, proving that RKI was leant on my figures in government to prepare reports designed to terrorise their population, we have ample evidence of fakery from every quarter. You may have noticed a new Substack article under the bye line of “John Dee’s Almanac”, analysing almost 2 million visits to U.K. A&E (USA equivalent of ER). It is eminently clear that there was not only no hint of a pandemic, which I no longer believe are even possible, but activity greatly reduced in spring 2020.

The only thing that happened was lying. Triggered by the fraudulent declaration of a pandemic by WHO, prearranged changes to medical practice was made widely and internationally, from above the level of nation. These changes predictably led to a large pulse of mostly avoidable deaths, none of which had anything to do with a fictitious “virus”. Deliberate misuse of a clinical diagnostic test exploited the propensity of PCR to make copies of pieces of genetic sequence had previously been got up to represent a non pathogen. This knowing misuse created all the “covid cases” & “covid deaths”.

In addition to smashing the economy of large numbers of especially countries comprising “The West”, those same populations were coerced or even mandated to receive intentionally harmful material’s masquerading as “vaccines”.

This completes just one cycle & you what havoc has been created already.

It’s almost certainly going to be done again, with some variations no doubt. We are facing deliberate extinguishing of liberal democracy everywhere. If we permit even it’s philosophical underpinnings I doubt it’ll ever return.

Best wishes