Don't Fear The Reaper

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It has come to my attention that some of my viewers may not have seen a woman in years! This must be corrected for survival of the human race reasons 😮This is what they look like now.😃 Sorry Gail🤨 I'll get naked guys in the next one pal🙀 Blue Oyster Cult /Dave East

  • Two main types of goals that people have for conversations are to give/receive information and develop their relationships.

  • People can pursue just one of the goals, or they can pursue both goals simultaneously to various degrees.

  • For example, someone with both high informational and relational intent might share honest feedback with another person, while someone who only has relational intent might instead share empty flattery.

  • There are sometimes goal conflicts, for instance when someone wants advice about something (an informational motive), but doesn’t want to ask for it because they don’t want to appear incompetent (a relational consideration).

  • Explicitly considering your goals—as well as those of your conversation partners—can help you have more effective conversations.