…is this the end of a cycle?

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…is this the end of a cycle?
08.42 exiting the matrix
12.48 free energy all around
14.18 free energy from magnets
15.09 free energy magnets
16.56 free energy magnets again
24.52 free energy murder
27.08 unlimited oil and water
28.38 legal words
32.48 Khan, Lawyer For Islamic Terrorists and Racists
34.41 khan ulez george dragon
35.54 illegals Bradford, city of culture for 2025
36.16 illegals new York
37.20 illegals paris street
38.01 illegals The Enriching Taste of Multicultural London.
39.02 illegals in the UK
40.06 illegals who to blame
42.36 illegal dumping
43.56 chemtrails at airport
45.17 chemtrails loads
45.35 chemtrails tennessee banned
46.19 criminals in parliament
49.17 government criminals face recognition
50.14 mp disabled should get less money
50.53 canibalism
51.32 oregan shutting down farms
52.16 2pac returns

54.09 z cats rule
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…is this the end of a cycle?