UK Column News - Monday 10th June 2024.

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UK Column News - 10th June 2024
Duration 63 minutes.

Brian Gerrish, Mark Anderson and Prof. Diane Rasmussen McAdie with today's UK Column News.

00:39 The Real Power Behind The Westminster Puppet Show: The City of London Remembrancer
12:14 When Israel Attacked USS Liberty
17:17 Where Does Sir Keir Starmer’s Allegiance Lie: Constituents or Davos?
22:15 Prof McAdie: High-income Countries Had Higher Vaccination Rates AND More Deaths. Why?
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38:15 Founded by Rupert Murdoch: News Corp—Overall Revenue $9.88 Billion In 2023
50:31 Fact-Checkers Didn't Exist Until The Truth Started Coming Out

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The Real Power Behind The Political Puppet Show: The Remembrancer
00:30 Conservatives: Homepage

The Labour Party: Homepage

City Of London: Remembrancer's Office - Working with Parliament

HuffPost UK (2015): Sir Edward Heath's Tory Whip Tim Fortescue Told BBC He Could Cover Up 'Scandals Involving Small Boys'

Guido Fawkes: Tim Fortescue Archives

openDemocracy: The biggest donors to Labour and the Tories in 2023

The Guardian (2023): Sunak promises Israel 'unqualified support in face of evil'

Belfast Telegraph: One of the main reasons why Keir Starmer is standing firm on Israel?

When Israel Attacked USS Liberty
12:00 The Guardian (2001): The cover-up | Israel

Haaretz (2017): 'But Sir, It’s an American Ship.' 'Never Mind, Hit Her!' When Israel Attacked USS Liberty

Goodreads: Erasing the Liberty: The Battle to Keep Alive the Memory of Israel's Massacre on the USS Liberty by Phil Tourney, Dave Gahary

USS Liberty Veterans Association (YouTube): “Remember the Liberty” by David Neal with text adapted from a poem by David Martin (song)

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