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25 Oct 2020

⁣Published on 24 Oct 2020
Sunday the 8th of November, I want to call upon everyone that feels that we should be allowed to decide our own fate to gather and unite. For anyone that believes the mainstream media and government should be held accountable for pushing this clear agenda driven fear campaign that has cost far more lives that it pretends to have saved, please come and support this movement.

It’s time we took back control before all of your basic human rights and freedoms are taken away and they will be taken away if we do not rise up!

I want to thank all those that have been part of any movement, to all the truth speakers and freedom fighters, without you the awareness of what’s truly going on would not be ware it is today. I believe that we need to take it up levels, a huge statement that will force a reaction from our local representatives and government.

The data is clear, lock downs are not effective and the back lash far out ways the lives the lockdown has supposedly saved. We know this, the professionals in the relative fields of science know this and our government knows this. It’s time we said ‘enough is enough,’ and end the lockdown before we lose more lives, businesses and freedoms to this dictatorship and corrupted government.

Sunday 8th of November,
1pm Piccadilly gardens Manchester
Please follows insta;

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