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01 - Trump Time Travel Miracle Explained (1 of 7)

79 Views· 05 Dec 2021
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Originally uploaded on YouTube by Jetson White



⁣So how do we get more than one DJT? Trump could have gone back to a recent earlier year, and then brought this slightly younger version of himself back and we now have two Trumps. These two could then go out and find other Timeline versions. At least 3 of these versions were sent to different Timelines to gather intel for the Plan, and have now returned as very old men.

NOTE: 'The Trump Time Travel' series was originally released by this channel in 2018.

Empirical evidence abounds that Time Travel was/is being used in order to implement the Plan to Save the World.

Music: Traveler In Time
Composer/Artist: THANASIS

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Billy Jones
Billy Jones 1 month ago

interesting. welcome to ourtube.

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