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Jeremy Vine Judas To The People Money Is his GOD

20 Views· 11 Oct 2021

Vine has papers served for liability after pushing the jab for kids
on his radio and bbc programmes.. This is the way to do it ,

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Straw 1 month ago

⁣clayton waters

People need to know that with loans etc, they lend the money to themselves. They also pay it back the day they lent it. So what are they being charged for when it has already been paid back ?.. Get the original promissory note you signed as this will prove that it has been repaid at the start. How? ... The note has been sold. The notes cannot be sold if they havent been paid.... if in trouble and to save your home, demand the original promissory note. You should also demand to see the private side of the account which will show all was repaid.

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luk123 1 month ago

good advice ,,thanks ,i've been looking at common law recently ,,it's not surprising it's never taught at schools ,,

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