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Nancy Pelosi Kited DRUNK! - build back better = 666! - WATCH!

199 Views· 26 Oct 2021

⁣Nancy Pelosi Kited DRUNK! - build back better = 666! - WATCH! The commies have a plan, and they left your freedom out! If you are not free to breathe air or decide what goes in YOUR own bloodstream, you have NO rights. They are after your thoughts as well. Opinion control is in full swing. These commies need to be stopped dead in their tacks, so to say, before they ruin the planet and usher in a one world totalitarian regime with a one world currency, and one world illuminati religion. Not gonna happen fuckwads. Read Revelation. We win. Fuck off.
#resist #bbb #buildbackbetter #thegreatreset #klausschwab #thefourthturning #thefourthindustrialrevolution #lgb #fjb #letsgobrandon #gobrandon #medicaltyranny #news #politics #nedkelly #billyjones

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Music Monster
Music Monster 1 month ago

Drunken slut!

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Dude 1 month ago


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luk123 1 month ago

Hillary kept spacing out at one point ,, some put it down to kuru ,, i've got a vid of horse face jacinda smoking a crack pipe ,,they're all on something ,,lal old lushes . junkies and perverts ,,we need a people's great reset ,,starting with a complete enema of the political systems across the world ,, ,,Nice dream ,

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