GVP #186 - Dom & Chris: Meet The Flockers

07 Apr 2021


Guests Dom and Christian Waterson are the UK-based proprietors of the Sheep Farm Studios YouTube channel, and are behind the ongoing series of films titled ‘Meet The Flockers.’ In these, they take a deep dive into the families, backgrounds and affiliations of many of the key players in the C-word $c@mdem!c, (all drawn from mainstream sources in the public domain lest - heaven forbid - the term “c0n4p!r@cy the0r!$t ever be applied.)

We take a good-humoured trawl through some of their findings so far on the likes of Johnson, Hancock, Whitty, Ferguson and their fellow abominations of humanity. The evidence suggests that it’s no accident these candidates have found themselves at the forefront of the $c@m; this is the moment of their lives that they were being prepped for.

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