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COPPERPOT - Illuminati Satanist Pedophilia - EXPOSED! - FINAL CUT

2,388 Views· 28 Sep 2021

⁣COPPERPOT - Illuminati Satanist Pedophilia - EXPOSED! - FINAL CUT

The film project CHESTER BENNINGTON WAS GOING TO RELEASE, with ADDED McAFEE & MORE! The film of the millennium!

REPOSTED/MIRRORED #illuminati #newworldorder #resist #timetoresist #thegreatawakening #saveamerica #billyjones
Fair use act of 1976. Educational purposes.

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⁣Michael B: Extremely difficult to watch because of the evil of it all. Is there a politician, a judge, anyone on media, in entertainment, all of the very powerful, who is not Satanic?

Cathy G: ⁣It's like swimming in a cesspool of pure blackness and evil, just watching it. To even suggest to people that Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey and Spielberg are pedophiles, are Satanic ... they scoff. Still, we need to know, if for no other reason than to protect ourselves, and as best as we can, protect the ones we love.

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ShortOne 2 months ago

I thought the president was going to put a stop to it too cuz we thought for sure the military would back him... But what's happened since? total chaos ugh Y didn't he stop this b4 it began to get worse? after these demons first took over would have been the perfect time to get the military behind him... now it's wayyyy too late IMO it's sad all this exposure and what does it get us? Nothing but more of the same and getting worse... Yes, sad indeed

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Dude 2 months ago

It was all one big pysop. I just wish people would learn they all piss in the same pot. Lots more pysops to come! It all phychological war fare

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LibertarianDeist 2 months ago

Good work compiling all the angles. I've seen a lot of this from other podcasts and I see now how the President became aware of these monsters and developed a strategy to bring them down. He infiltrated them, he was a mole, he learned their secrets and now he has THE FULL WEIGHT AND MIGHT OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION MILITARY
This podcast episode lines out the timeline of the "GREATEST STING OPERATION IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND" *** https://www.bitchute.com/video/7t6thRyYYsuZ/ ***
Have you EVER seen ANYONE walk with Queen Elizabeth II like she's just like everyone else, President Trump walks in front of her and she doesn't seem to mind ...... she knows it's over

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#RESIST - Billy Jones
#RESIST - Billy Jones 2 months ago

thanks for watching, please share the link with family and friends. bless

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ShortOne 1 month ago

TY but it's disheartening that it isn't over like he promised... one way or the other.. Peace out

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