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The Truth About Smart Meters

79 Views· 03 Jul 2021

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centricium 3 months ago

Good points but there are a couple of things I disagree with - first they can't tell individual devices precisely (unless they have wifi or BT/5G) but maybe that the new device switched on or off affected the power factor so many percent up or down so they can guess perhaps whether it was a motor (fan) or an incandescent light bulb but it would only be a guestimate. Also they can't tell if I leave the house if I leave everything on which sometimes I do. There are really no benefits to the consumer for a smart meter but all the benefits are for the power company. What concerns me more than privacy is that the power company has MUCH more control over your service - for example in some dystopian future if they determine - "Hey you're using too much power!" they can brown out you or just cut you off remotely - no one needs to come to your home as in the old days! Imagine if the power company becomes like Big Tech and they find out your politics are "extremist" they may cut you off just for that! BLACKMAIL. The other concern is the RF energy being emitted by these devices 24x7. So privacy is not my main concern with smart meters it's the other factors but especially control. Control gives power another meaning of the word for "power company"! BTW the ISPs and mobile carriers are the biggest privacy invaders already....tracking your every move unless you shield the device.

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