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7.83 Hz | Grounding, Stabilizing Sleep Music | White Noise 10 Hours | Schumann Resonance

29 Views· 17 Dec 2020

Psychic refueling while you sleep. Sleeping meditation. The earth's normal harmonic resonance has been noted for its healing properties. When we get out of touch with the earth, we feel adrift. Spending a night with this resonance may help ground you back into the world with a sense of belonging.


Welcome to the Vibrational Tonic Channel,

The goal of this channel is to provide you with the best and highest quality music centered around enhancing your sense of well-being, purpose and joy in life. Our music can be used as relaxing music, meditation music, sleep music, healing music, background music, study music, concentration music, reiki healing music, zen music, spa music, yoga music, massage music, float tank music, ambient music, focus music, white noise, and drowning-out-the-loud-neighbor’s music.

We utilize different forms of guided meditation and imagery in our videos and include both placebo and proven effective modalities. The placebo Solfeggio frequencies and chakra frequencies can trigger your brain into focusing on those areas that the titles and descriptions of the music suggest that they do while binaural beats serve as a more proven in science (but can still be categorized as pseudoscience) source of balance and focus for the brain.

The binaural beats that we use in our music include delta waves, theta waves, alpha waves, gamma and beta waves frequencies which some believe help to facilitate the alleviation of health problems such as anxiety, sleep problems, depression, insomnia, problems focusing, migraines, stress, rage, the recurrence of unwanted behavior patterns and serve to calm and soothe those issues within us.

All Vibrational Tonic’s compositions are original works written with the intention of calming, rejuvenating, soothing and resting our tired, weary hearts and minds. To renew and strengthen our abilities to concentrate and focus on the important activities of our daily lives. To tackle our challenges in life with fresh eyes.

The mission of Vibrational Tonic is to support lifting any type of bitter resentment and poison from the heart, and replace it with sweetness, grace, humor and wisdom.

With the warmth grace and power that is within us all,

Vibrational Tonic
All Rights Reserved © 2017, Vibrational Tonic
Disclaimer: Nothing mentioned in any writing associated with Vibrational Tonic is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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