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Weekly Tarot Reading for the week 19th to 25th March 2021 - All Signs

27 Views· 21 Mar 2021

⁣Book a
Personal Reading: https://messagesinthestars.simplybook.me

A personal
reading costs $10. Simplest way to pay, https://paypal.me/messagesinthestars

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to our channel: https://coindrop.to/alistairvermaak

Donation site: https://ko-fi.com/alistairvermaak

The reading will take 30 minutes or less and
you can always chat with me afterwards via Telegram, Messenger or
Whatsapp. (Links below)

My Format:

I interpret
the cards the way I see them. In this
reading, I’ve included a top layer of Viking Tarot Cards for the mind and a
bottom layer of crystal Tarot Cards for the subconscious.

In future
readings at random I will incorporate gems, runes and additionally touch on
numerology and the movements of planets.

These are
my thoughts, opinions and may fall far from the format and expected revelations
from more experiences readers, but as I said, I am doing it my way.


reading covers the energies from the 13th to 19th March
2021. It’s a general reading for all signs and covers the following cards:


Viking Tarot
– Totem Poles – Guidance, unhappy, be yourself, patience, trust

Viking Tarot
– The Stone Of Thor – sacrifice, others, rewards, expectation

Tarot – Currency – money, skills, knowledge, value, others, exchange


The Chariot
– succour, providence, war, triumph, presume, vengeance, trouble

2 of
Pentacles – (Reversed) – forced gaiety and enjoyment, literal sense, writing,
compose, letters

– (Reversed) – church, religion, sect, priests, misfortune, disunion,

King Of
Wands – dark man, friendly, countryman, married, honest, conscientious

4 Of Cups
(Reversed) – novelty, omen, new instruction, new relations


Selenite –
clarity, inspiration, spiritual, insight, see through, pleaser, decisive

Blue Lace
Agate – intellectual, integrity, self, confidence, share, speak, fear

Jasper – new projects, honesty, energy, purpose, charismatic, strength

If you like
the work I do, please consider donating whatever you feel like at https://paypal.me/messagesinthestars
, https://coindrop.to/alistairvermaak , https://ko-fi.com/alistairvermaak
, anything you can afford is really appreciated and helps me to continue doing

Please also
consider sharing the videos and other content you find on my site and on my
social channels with anyone else you may think will find it useful.

Social and
web links:

Web: https://messagesinthestars.com

Telegram: https://t.me/MessagesInTheStars

Messenger: https://m.me/472545746601427

Whatsapp: https://whatsapp,com/send?phone=0761020460

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Messa....ges-In-The-Stars-472

Instagram: https://instagram.com/messagesinthestars.com

Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/messagesinthestars.com

Gab: https://gab.com/alistairvermaak

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCuCGPSsJ0rHEyljqz

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