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J. Krishnamurti - Amsterdam 1981 - Public Talk 1 - Thought and time are the root of fear

15 Views· 16 Oct 2021
Billy Jones

J. Krishnamurti - Amsterdam 1981 - Public Talk 1 - Thought and time are the root of fear


The crisis is not in the economic world nor in the political world, but in our consciousness.

We have been trained, educated, religiously as well as scholastically, that we are separate souls, individuals, striving for ourselves, but that is an illusion because our consciousness is common to all mankind. We are mankind. We are not separate individuals fighting for ourselves.

Why have human beings, who have lived for over a million years, not solved this problem of relationship?

Thought is born of experience, knowledge and so there is nothing whatsoever sacred about thought. It is materialistic, it is a process of matter, thinking.

Knowledge always lives within the shadow of ignorance.

What is the relationship between desire and will?

Psychologically, inwardly, what is the root of fear?

Meditation must begin with bringing about complete order in your house; order in your relationship, order in one's desires, pleasure and so on.

Compassion is freedom from sorrow.


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