Magna Carta - Article 61

03 Apr 2021

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Since I wrote this for someone dealing with the traitor police tomorrow for a business owner I thaught I may as well share it here too.

Before we get into it lets deal with the name bit. To avoid arrest and being considered a freeman on the land loony by police. because they’ve been told all sorts of rubbish, and because there is quite a bit of double think in claiming common law and then trying to defeat them with the very rules you are saying have no authority, its easy to see why the policy enforcers think they are all mad.

I would only provide my name under extreme duress and protest to prevent being KIDNAPPED by a gang of outlaws....and that is the truth too. They are operating in outlawry (outside of the law) and evidently so.

Don’t worry about the contracting bit the law demands that we do not. Easily rebutted on paper where we attain evidence of their treason by that process if they reply. They don’t like supplying us with such evidence for it could cost them their lives, and the more senior outlaws know it! so often it all goes away as we gain tacit consent to the conditional acceptance Notice we begin with....anyway I digress......

The question posed was, ‘what should I say to them if they denounce the common law and article 61’.

I would warn the police of the fact that to deny the constitution or the common laws of England is sedition if stated publicly, reminding them that they have provided you with clear evidence of that crime whilst being recorded. Sedition remains in force under the 1571 Treason Act and is a capital offence as is treason.

I would always start by demanding they each confirm that they are standing under their sworn oath of office first, demand each of their names or to view their warrant card, which they must produce on request, take down their numbers and be assertive but calm and polite. When they agree that they are standing under their Oath thank them and remind them that their Oath is taken under common law.

I use the FCO 30/1048 treason evidence file as a sticking point. Tell them that the document contains irrefutable evidence of sedition and treason and that the evidence can be easily seen online on the spot. Demand that they do due dilligence on the matter stating that high treasons is a very serious crime indeed, and that the whole country is now becoming well aware of this fact, which it is...actually commonwealth wide..Tell them that their own chief constable was served the same evidence last week.

If they refuse to look then they are committing a serious dereliction of duty as they have a duty of care to investigate allegations of treason immediately. It is the crime of misprision of treason to be informed of treason, which is evidential, and not to report the crime or act upon the evidence immediately, especially as a police constable. The file FCO 30/1048 is thick but the first few pages prove that the documents are evidence of said crimes.

The point is that every adminidstration since the Heath Governments seditious and treasonous behaviour is committing high treason, and to ignore the well evidenced FCO file is also compounding treason.

Remind them of the fact that Article 61 of MC 1215 was invoked according to the correct protocols of constitutional law on the 23rd March 2001, and even though the clear evidence exists in substance, it is also a matter of common sense being employed to discern the truth.

The ‘queen’ replied to the barons whilst not stating that clause 61 had been repealed, nor made null and void or reasserted etc....if it were not in effect then why did she even reply to it? Also It isn't our fault the barons invoked clause 61 after the ‘queen’ failed to remedy the treason being committed at Nice (France), they had no choice after the reply from the ‘queen’ but to invoke it.

Are the police then attempting to coerce you to comply with treasonous legislation and rules of a treasonous administration? YES... and they can each be held personaly liable for treason once they have been notified of the facts, especially if they refuse to look at the evidence.
It is easier to be assertive and confident with a good level of education, what I have told you is evidenced in fact but please feel free to check it out, you can certainly rely on these facts under scrutiny and investigation so be confident in that knowledge.

Remember key things...the law forbids us all to comply to agents of the crown, clearly stated wthin clause 61...

The barons petition was invoked because of treason (signing of the treaty of Nice by Blair in 2000), which would be seditious to deny. Reported in the Daily telegraph the next day under the heading ‘Peers Petition Queen on Europe’...the report states that they invoked Article 61

The Evidence file (Foreign and Commonwelath Office) file FCO 30/1048 still remains within the National Archives of the Public Records office right now, and is easily available online. I would hammer on that fact, we have served that evidence on every police HQ in the country very recently, collectively, and also for 10 years now.

Ignorance is no defence in law, and the police are there acting entirely unlawfully, and in point of fact are operating outside of the law in outlawry themselves (police, or anyone else not standing under clause 61)....we all have a duty to "compel" those who are unwilling to stand, again which is a command made by the crown (clause 61 text), therefore it is treasonous to ignore its invocation....I would tell them that whilst demanding that they each stand under clause 61.
If you still can't get through to them remind them that they are supposed to be able to detect crimes, and to be able to discern the truth without fear nor favour, also attempt the human touch a little but maintain your authority over them as they are your public servants ONLY, and we the people are sovereign.
Please be aware that even though this is all fact there is no guarantee that they will listen to you of course. But from this moment on they can ONLY commit high treason against you and the country by proceeding against you. At the end of the day we must unite in greater numbers but by maintaining the peace except in defence of course. Join with us as we pressure the police across the whole country, next serving of documents on 11-11-2020 for we wont be going away! we are playing for keeps now. I Hope this helps.

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4 months ago

Who is this person and can I get in touch with her somehow?

I live in Canada..I need to know what she knows ASAP.

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