Woman Missing For Years Found Alive Floating At Sea: ANGELICA GAITAN | DOCUMENTARY

07 Mar 2021

Angelica Gaitan went missing for two years before she was found alive floating in the sea by two baffled fishermen. While her missing persons case was solved in a way no one could have possibly imagined, a new mystery emerged: who was this woman and why was she found alive in the sea? Today, we're covering the bizarre unsolved mystery of Angelica Gaitan. While her disappearance has been solved, the true story behind her case is a puzzling mystery. The video behind the missing woman's rescue quickly went viral on social media, but people were still confused as to how she possibly ended up in such a strange position. Today, we're covering the true story behind the mysterious discovery. Join us for a true crime storytime covering the solved missing persons case of Angelica Gaitan.

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