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Pfizer vaccine analysis Dr Carrie Madej @ Stew Peters show

124 Views· 20 Oct 2021

⁣List of the analysis I have found, size comparison & more:
Backup list:⁣ https://vaccinesandmicroscopes.wordpress.com/

Uncensored video list at @ Roxytube: ⁣https://www.roxytube.com/@Stop....Estafas_StopScams?pa
or Ourtube: ⁣https://ourtube.co.uk/@StopEst....afas_StopScams?page=
or Ugetube: ⁣https://ugetube.com/@VilGueits?page=play-lists
or Bitchute (secondary): https://www.bitchute.com/channel/uLKwPhgXpteW/
Watch the other important videos too!

Youtube(censored): ⁣https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCJAnbSI9wZB7ej4dU

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luk123 1 month ago

I often wonder how much of this stuff may be in our food

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Stop Estafas - Stop Scams

There are some videos of people with supposedly magnetic meat, I should really get a magnet.

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luk123 1 month ago

@Stop Estafas - Stop Scams: A fridge magnet does the trick ,

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