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The Mind Virus

249 Views· 24 Feb 2021
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⁣An anniversary of sorts – the original mix of this song was uploaded in March 2020 on youtube. Due to unknown reasons (maybe the audio sucked ??), yt deleted the video half a year later. We took this opportunity & reworked the audio, as well as the visuals. Upon airing the premiere yesterday (23-02-2021), yt took the video down before it even played ?
Music created by They Lie We See.
Spoken word by thrice8 Hermes.
Mixdown / Mastering by Jaba Decoded.
Video edited by TLWS.
Original text from March 2020:
There is no pandemic with a killer virus going around infecting people. There, we said it.
You can now either socially distance yourself from us, wash / sanitize your hands 33 times after reading this, or use your mind – if not, someone else will use it for you.
If anything, we're dealing with the seasonal flu hyped up by the press & your government, including test kits designed for indicating false positive results. Or, in the words of Mike Pompeo: "We're in a live exercise."
Even if the outbreak was real, the alleged death toll in no way justifies the draconian measures we're all experiencing, like putting healthy people under house arrest, shutting down "non-essential" businesses, and crashing world economy.
You cannot "catch a virus" – contrary to popular belief, this is not how (the things we call) viruses work. What you can catch though is a real contagion: the Corona mind virus.
Therefore, don't fall for the official narrative & the fear mongering. Instead, educate yourself & check out alternative resources by the likes of Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Claus Köhnlein, or Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, to name but a few. As you may have noticed, none of them are CONSPIRACY THEORISTS, but accredited medical doctors in their own right. However they are not kowtowing to the medical establishment, but are rather interested in sharing truthful information. Also, look up 'Event 201'.
Apart from #filmyourhospital, we encourage you also to #dontstayathome. Go outside & enjoy nature in its spring time beauty. Of course only if you can, we don't mean no harm and don't want you to get into trouble.
Spread the word & keep autohoaxing!

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aroc1968 3 months ago

And think about how SMART the C19 virus is. It knows to just drop and die at six feet....LMFAO!!!

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TheyLie_WeSee 3 months ago

And of course the killah virus can adjust seasonaly, amongst other things

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InfiniteWisdom 6 months ago


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TheyLie_WeSee 6 months ago


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Dude 7 months ago

Fabulous my friend

3    0 Reply
TheyLie_WeSee 7 months ago

Thanks a lot, dude!

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Truthwarriors 7 months ago

Great work :)

4    0 Reply
TheyLie_WeSee 7 months ago

Thanks for having a listen

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