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"And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth: The Prophecy Realized"

24 Views· 24 Nov 2021
Keith Anthony Blanchard
Keith Anthony Blanchard
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⁣We are living in the most amazing transformational time in history. Never has there been such an opportunity for humankind to ascend from the pit of it's animalistic tendencies to the apex of it's original nature as Children of the Most High God.

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2 months ago

nice piece ,,i really enjoyed it ,, Well there's certainly no shortages of ''the meek '' out there ,,most are so meek they'll line up and take a jab that will very likely kill them ,, where is the line between meek and pure cuckold and compliant ,,
I've been told we all chose to be here for this time ,, i can't see the end to this present madness ,, except by an uprising ,, being meeek has made many weak ,, thankyou look forward to future posts ,,

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