Government Conspiracies - Confusing Stupid Americans for Generations

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
22 May 2021

⁣Government Conspiracies - Confusing Stupid Americans for Generations

⁣"[Any Name Here] believes in all conspiracies."
Separate Post with all the things i wanted to say in this video description:
If the shoe fits, wear it. So called "conspiracy theorists" are not wacky. The "conspiracy theory" of one generation is the "indisputable historical fact" of the next.
Government operations against the people are always called "conspiracy theories' while they are active, and "fact/history" once they are completed. The cycle continues endlessly and people still think "conspiracy theorists" aught not to be listened to.
Perhaps we do need a massive reduction in population: stupidity has become alarmingly prevalent in our society! We should start the genocide by publicly executing all billionaires and every politician.
Who knows, perhaps all of our problems would mysteriously disappear due to "coincidence:" =)

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