Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
16 Jun 2021

⁣⁣⁣Plandemic/Scamdemic : A Deep State attack on Freedom - ⁣This video documentary discusses the global pandemic as an attack on freedom by the Deep State Cabal.

⁣“Plandemic/Scamdemic : A Deep State attack on Freedom” Featuring:
(In no particular order)
X22 report
In Pursuit of Truth
Jordan Sather
Rudy Giuliani
Dr Lozano
Alistair Williams
Lionel Nation
SGT Report
Dr Erickson
Kayleigh McEnany
Tucker Carlson
Dr Mikovic
Project Veritas
London Real
Joe M
Sen Dr Jensen
And We Know
Ben Swann

⁣THE DEEP STATE WAR - A Series BY MRTRUTHBOMB - is so much information out there to process, learn, unlearn and relearn it can be overwhelming. I came across a great series by MrTruthBomb that helps connects the dots quickly. The Great Awakening is all about unlearning the lies and relearning the truth, so dark to light meaning ignorance to knowledge and to realize its all about choices, good vs evil and we must pick a lane and have the courage to fight for our God given rights to be free and sovereign and to realize no one has the right to rule over anyone and no one is above anyone else. Divided we are weak, united we are unstoppable. Never ever give up!
MrTruthBomb BitChute -
MrTruthBomb Odysee -@MrTruthBomb ⁣

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Awesome Covid Soundcloud Playlist: Covid Playlist:
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