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Espionage Target, YOU! - DECLASSIFIED CIA Training film (1964)

6 Views· 21 Sep 2021
Billy Jones

Audience: All Air Force Personnel. Synopsis: Exposes the worldwide operation of the Sino-Soviet espionage system and shows how Communist agents used any means to obtain vital information from military personnel. Reconstructs three actual cases to demonstrate various facets of espionage techniques. Explains how agents of different nationalities probe for vulnerable areas, such as loneliness, indebtedness, fast money, sex and the sporting life. Portrays the agent as he subtly approaches, ensnares and involves his victim until it is too late for the victim to retreat. Purpose: Information on communist espionage methods. -National Archives and Records Administration - ARC Identifier 4477329 / Local Identifier 330-DVIC-20023 - Espionage Target - You - Department of Defense. Office of the Secretary of Defense. (09/18/1947 - )

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Fair use act of 1976. Educational purposes.

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