Alan Watts: how your desires always become reality

18 Apr 2021

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It's funny how sometimes, we think things and wish for things. When they don't come to us quickly, we think no-one is listening.
The Universe (Subconscious) is always listening. What you hold in your heart and mind, coupled with emotion, will come to pass, with enough faith, trust and conviction. But be careful, The Cosmos/Universe/Subconscious doesn't understand the concept of fear or negative thinking.
It gives you what you most think of, desire and really put energy into. Be it death, life, fun, money, love or whatever. Align your thoughts, your emotions and desire then you will get what you want.
Alan Watts is a great philosopher who went to the east to discover wisdom. He came back to the states and started delivering the information to folks through talks, books, interviews and recordings.
As a philosopher, he really breaks down the teachings, that can be rather complex, and simplifies it so that the average person, no matter their level of intellect or level of understanding can absorb and understand what is being conveyed. As a mystical seeker myself, I can relate to many of the messages he conveys and tell you that all is not what it seems. The world is a system of enslavement.
We’re in a system that keeps us consuming, buying stuff, treating each other like crap, killing everything and not stopping for a second to think before we do something. We need to change. Getting the knowledge is the first step, it’s what we decide to do with the knowledge and wisdom that will make the difference.
I hope to bring you loads of content from Alan and many other great philosophers, whose works are covered with dust and packed away in some digital archive.

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