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281 Views· 23 Sep 2021
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Lots of prominent figures put a case across in the UK to an MP to stop the vaccination program. 😎

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3 months ago

while i admire this man and his colleagues and all the professionals fightingthis madness ,, we have to understand that thes lunatics running this are just that ..psychotic ,,murderous lunatics who will stop at nothing to get their agenda rolled out ,,they have murdered anyone who stood intheir way ,,and are listening to nobody ,, This is a massive genocidal agenda ,,they answer to nobody ,,every government is in on it ,,who can stop them ?? As i sadi ,,i deeply admire and appreciate these good people's efforts ,,,but we're dealing woith maniacs who have seized power across the globe ,,, I do believe it will come crashind down around thheir ears ,, but not before they have jabbed countless humans and wreaked so much havoc ,, There are signs of it failing ,, and i dohope tolive long enough to see the real kickback ,, good luck toyou all ,, thank you for the upload ,,a ray of hope my friend .

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elvispresly 4 months ago

Thank you sir. You are a good and brave man. So the disease is not that dangerous and the vaccine does more harm than it does good, which has been apparent for quite many people since some one to two months after the appearance of the disease and the vaccine, respectively. So then what the heck is going on???? This seems like some kind of global political coup. Who has intimidated all world leaders to do this crap??? in terms of money and human misfortune it is the most stupid thing ever done by humanity - because we are so many and this has affected pretty much every person on the planet - negatively. So what is going on????

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