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Banned History of the ROTHSCHILD Family! - DOCUMENTARY

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Billy Jones
Billy Jones
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⁣Banned History of the ROTHSCHILD Family! - DOCUMENTARY - Richard A. Rothschild belongs to the Rothschild Family who have a Banking Empire across the earth from which they lend money to control the governments of every country. I just discovered that Richard A. Rothschild owns the Patent for Covid Testing from October 13, 2015. The Rothschild’s (top elite) are the Head of the Covid Serpent that must be removed from society.
Patent Number: US-2020279585-A1
System and Method for Testing for COVID-19 Publication
Number: US-2020279585-A1
Patent Family: US-2020279585-A1
Priority Date: 2015-10-13


G06K9/00; G11B27/031; G11B27/10; G16H40/63; H04N5/76;



A method is provided for acquiring and transmitting bio-metric data (e.g., vital signs) of a user, where the data is analyzed to determine whether the user is suffering from a viral infection, such as COVID-19. The method includes using a pulse oximeter to acquire at least pulse and blood oxygen saturation percentage, which is transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone. To ensure that the data is accurate, an accelerometer
within the smartphone is used to measure movement of the smartphone
and/or the user. Once accurate data is acquired, it is uploaded to the cloud (or host),
where the data is used (alone or together with other vital signs) to determine whether the user is suffering from (or likely to suffer from) a viral infection, such as COVID-19. Depending on the specific requirements, the data, changes thereto, and/or the determination can be used to alert medical staff and take corresponding actions. The Rothschild Family have been trying to take control over the earth for
last 200 years. Documentary The History Of The House Of Rothschild (3 hrs. - 28 min.) https://ourtube.co.uk/watch/MFpfaOeGZgA3jBs If you don’t know the history of the Rothschild Family, you are missing the biggest part of what is really going on - because it isn’t Covid that we should be worried about. It is the Rothschild’s that we must worry about. Jacob or his son Nathaniel are most likely the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ will not be revealed until after the Rapture of the Christians. This was a Dilettante Presumption Theorem: All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis expressed do not necessarily reflect official positions or views or any other entity, past or present. Nothing in the contents should be construed as asserting or implying endorsement of interpretations and factual statements.


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ScotchMistConCeption 10 days ago

Good video, puts a good foundation down... Just to say, The Rothschild’s were 100 years behind the Scottish.. Napoleon was a Mason, as with most of these players… You can have all the money in the world, won’t do you any good if you are dead. Didn’t the Americans think Morgan was far more wealthy than he was… The real power is displayed in the language (Scotch Mist), imo, Great Scot, Good Scot, Scotched, Scottish Power, The Real McCoy, Sterling Job and on, even Putin, a Russian uses this phraseology.
Also they invented everything, even running up hill according to the BBC, they are the best at everything according to the media and themselves, until you look into it. The amount of stuff they have named after themselves speaks volumes, in more ways than one.
All the discoveries they have been credited with and from such an abused and suppressed populace (by the English of course) of only 6% in Britain alone…. While hiding behind “British” (English) and blaming the English, as in this video, they couldn’t say England enough. Not a mention of the big fat elephant taking a great big dump in the corner of the room….
However “they” in general are relentlessly pedestalled by the media (power constructs the narratives) and every other indoctrinated dimwit (Brave Heart teat suckers etc, all Bullshit) given half a chance, and they are getting away with it Scott Free, not an idle threat and in a million more ways than one.
It’s a Masonic Control System, The Scottish Rite are top of that tree, Templars, The original banksters (hence Philippe le Bel’s efforts, who got demonised, surprise surprise), long before the Rothschild's, but definitely main players in the game and possibly future patsies to be thrown under the bus, to take the heat off, as here...…
What I get from this video is that they are blaming the English, which of course is a Scottish Rite agenda, a Scotch Shield..

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ScotchMistConCeption 10 days ago

The Bank of England, created by The Scottish... William Paterson, "they" always tell you what it isn't... Queen of England, Scottish!!! They just can't help themselves...

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MasklessCat 11 days ago

The first step into insanity and hopefully toward salvation.

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