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Stupid Parents Almost Kill their Child with a Covid Jab!!!!!

122 Views· 12 May 2021
Melissa Lev
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Chris259 1 month ago

This is tragic, but there is nothing here to indicate that this poor child has received the Covid 19 vax. I will not be taking the jab and encourage others not to do so. They are free to choose. This kind of unsubstantiated video just undermines efforts to educate people on the potential risks associated with the current so called Covid 19 vaccine.

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Mectron63 4 months ago

Poor child with irreversible damage what were her idiot parents thinking off.

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PanAdmin 4 months ago

dumb parents

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Nicholas St Jon
Nicholas St Jon 5 months ago

Why would anyone give a shot to a child for something that has a 99.997% survivability rate? This brought tears to my eyes and I so feel for these parents. Don't let this be you and your child. DON'T GET THIS EXPERIMENT!

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