Documentary Showing the Corruption of ALL our Presidents - ABOLUTELY EPIC

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
04 May 2021

⁣From Vietnam to NWO Global takeover, This reporter from 01' outlines their entire plan
Even if you think you know all the crime these two got up to, give this a watch, you will learn something.

Wow.... after watching this from beginning to end... its the PERFECT thing to show any sheeple to wake 'em up. Its a news documentary from the 2000's (i think) and it reminds you what news USED to be. This chick exposes ALL of the NWO, almost as effectively as we have today, 20+ years ago. She was 100% about all of it, BigPharma, Political ties to the bloodlines, Drug trafficking, War for Profit, The Great Reset, New World Order, right up to World Domination through the corrupt UN ruled by the 300.
She exposes them all for the fraud's and murderers they are. She doesn't mention the global child/human trafficking, child murder, Satan Worship or Adrenochrome, but she nails them for everything else. from Vietnam to New World Order take over. She even names when they made the plan and which ones of them were there. Some Damning shit.


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