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Supply chain crunch: 'Get vaccinated or starve to death' -SHIIPING CRISIS - DARK WINTER!

61 Views· 18 Oct 2021

⁣Supply chain crunch: 'Get vaccinated or starve to death'. They flat out fucking tell you. Get hip LeRoy. We're FUCKED until we rise up and take the power back from these globalist psycho whack job fucks. #resist #news #darkwinter #billyjones #fjb #gobrandon #letsgobrandon #saveamerica #thegreatawakening #darkeinter #operationdarkwinter

Fair use act. Blah blah blah. 1976. Blah blah blah. Educational purposes.

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luk123 1 month ago

All part of the plan ,, stiock up ..''everyone has to be vaccinated '',, As soon as i hear those words ,,i turn off , the world is over run with these useless pricks now ,,

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