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Compilations of 'news' from the Other False Pandemics throughout recent history H1N1, Swi

45 Views· 02 Jun 2021
Shane St Pierre

Compilations of 'news' from the Other False Pandemics throughout recent history. H1N1, Swine and Bird Flu
Same playbook, same effectiveness.
List of videos included:
Swine Flu Public Service Announcement which aired on National Television (1976) [Short]
From the voluminous shelves of the National Archives, here are vintage Swine Flu PSAs from 1976.

H1N1 'False Pandemic' Biggest Pharma-Fraud Of Century - RT News (12th January 2010) [Short]
Replace 'Swine Flu' with 'Covid' in this news piece and the Big Pharma playbook becomes clear.
The Council of Europe will launch a probe into pharmaceutical companies accused of manipulating Swine Flu data. This follows a claim by a renowned German scientist that vaccine manufacturers pressured the World Health Organization into declaring a Swine Flu pandemic seeking to increase profits.

Swine flu, Bird flu 'never happened' - Probe into H1N1 'false pandemic' - RT News (25th January 2010) [Short]
Swine flu is under scrutiny once again as pharmaceutical companies are being accused of hyping up a false pandemic. The Council of Europe is putting the virus on its winter agenda which is now underway. The Council of Europe's Head of Health also claims the World Health Organization colluded with major drug companies and changed the definition of pandemic. Doctor Wolfgang Wodarg says it ensured maximum profits, but no risks, for the firms. Now, countries like Britain, France and Germany have stockpiles of vaccines lying unused, as infections spread far less than the panic surrounding it.

Unplugged - H1N1 Cases Overestimated - CBS News (21st October 2009) [Short]
In a months long CBS News investigation, state-by-state results of tests for H1N1 found that most cases were negative. The Wall Street Journal's Alicia Mundy and Politico's Fred Barbash spoke with Sharyl Attkisson about these startling findings.______________
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