New World Order PLAN revealed publicly

31 Jan 2021

⁣There is no more excuse for nobody, refusing to realise the reality of the preparation of this New/One World/Global Order/Government!

There was never a conspiracy, but the conspiracy was, to make it look like one!

There was NEVER a coronavirus and nobody died from corona!
It was a smokescreen to divert people from what is really coming!

⁣Here the links
World Economic Forum COVID Action Platformhttps://intelligence.weforum.o....rg/topics/a1G0X00000

WHO Simulation training exercise

Event 201

John Hopkins - Statement about nCoV and our pandemic exercise

Rockfeller Foundation Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

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Woden20 5 months ago

Hitler locked up Baron louis de Rothschild, shutdown Freemasonry and the banks. Your government help let them free. They projected their behaviour onto "the Nazis" they still control your mind.

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