World Freedom Alliance - Green Pass in EU - Emergency Hearing

24 Mar 2021

⁣⁣World Freedom Alliance | ⁣⁣Green Pass in EU - emergency hearing ⁣with: ⁣Maneka Helleberg, Ilana Rachel Daniel, Senta Depuy DT, Sorin, Schapira, Mads Palsvig, Michael Stoo, Arie, Prof. Dolores Cahill.

⁣Green Pass in EU - emergency hearing
The European Parliament are fast-tracking the decision of a Green Pass/ Covid Pass. Hear our emergency hearing with our friends from Israel.
⁣World Freedom Alliance, Green Pass in EU, ⁣Prof. Dolores Cahill, ⁣Ilana Rachel Daniel

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Theraven 4 months ago

United we will stand divided we will fall ....please stay UNITED

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Karden 4 months ago

Thank You. This is so very important. I have not heard some of these topics before. Great Work these people are doing and encouraging, educating & peacefully protesting & filing criminal complaints. Bravo!

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