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Put the pieces together! Now do you understand why he was murded by the elite (inbred)?
This is just one of many out spoken speaches from John back in the day he would of been a massive loose cannon! God bless you John you were a truth warrior killed for speaking the truth!

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Reidlos 2 months ago

So, this apostle of nihilism who was preaching to the masses that there was no heaven and hell has to be looked at as if he is some beacon of enlightenment and truth ?! I see what he did there by telling people there is no need to understand the world through the dichotomies of good and evil and respectively sin and virtue. This relativism is the root of all that is rotten in our society, and also the beginning of our end. If there is no hell and heaven, anything is permitted and this is pure satanism. He either was a delusional dreamer who had no clue about what he was talking about, or a conscious agent of those who intend to erase the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ from our hearts!

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Dude 2 months ago

true legend

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2 months ago

Assassinated for speaking the truth ,,,, bding really flash here ,,i have apersonally signed copy of his book '' A Spaniard in the works '' ,,, he was a great thinker ,,

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Truth Warrior
Truth Warrior 2 months ago

Yea I updated my description to honour him rather than copy and paste :)

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