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740 Views· 30 Sep 2021
Billy Jones

⁣Babies born to pfizer vaccinated moms will be prone to horrible birth defects so they are pushing the "vaccine" BIOWEAPON hard before more of these babies are born!

"The mother was vaccinated with after Pfizer. Rebeca was 1 month old. It would be possible for her to undergo an evaluation, by teams linked to Anvisa, to find out if the vaccine may have caused any harm to the baby.

This is why they are pushing the vax so hard - because the first babies being born to vaxxed moms are having serious problems and they need to get everyone vaxxed quick before people can become informed about this. This is not the only one, there are more surfacing. This baby's mom got the Pfizer vax at 1 month pregnant.

You will see an ENORMOUS push to force people to get the shot before
images like these become widely known about. The people behind the vax will shut down the web and kill people to stop this information from spreading. This is only the tip of the iceberg, just wait a couple months. THEY WILL NOT WAIT because they know this is going to happen.

Comment: ⁣There will be a skyrocketing increase in birth defects,immune disorders and neurological diseases within the next year .A Tsunami of side effects and no one can be held legally responsible .Trillions of dollars profit for big Pharma which can not be touched .Thanks to our politicians


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CarriesComments 2 months ago

They said that thalydamide was safe and look what happened there (I'm in the UK, so not sure if it was available anywhere else). Basically it was a morning sickness pill given to pregnant women (of course!!), But the babies were being born with stunted limb growth or no limbs!

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Mathius 2 months ago

Don't let them fuck with your kids. If this isn't a reason to stop these jabs I don't know what is.

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Billy Jones
Billy Jones 2 months ago

thanks for watching and commening, please share the link with friends and family and encourage them to come to ourtube... youtube is censoring these videos, bless

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Endtimes 2 months ago

But I saw on the Philly news this morning that the CDC said the vaxx is safe for pregnant mothers and babies. I beg to disagree. That poor baby.

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