INXS - Hear that Sound (Wembley Stadium 1991) [Audio Source Unknown] {432 Hz}

Rune Hede
Rune Hede
01 May 2021

⁣Michael Hutchence released this great overseen song 7 years before he passed away, R.I.P. good ol' buddy. It's a song - to my intepretation - about to high the vibration and make changes, and let it go around like rings in the water. INXS so well was a great band, so much full of an special energy I never seen in other bands. When they for some few years was on the TOP in the music industry, they played this phenomenal concert for 78.000 people on the old Wembley Stadium in London, the audio source is not from Wembley, but another unknown concert.

Thanks so much, Michael. Your music wasn't in vain. It's much more relevant in these tides where COVID-19 hits the world and there's a war against a hidden enemy. But I'm pretty sure, that after all this, it will be a better new world, as you wished so much to be. You were such an empathic human, and it inspires me to be and do the same.

*DISCLAIMER: I don't have the rights to the music. I'm just a fan, that is a friend of "fair use" and love the music of INXS and Michael Hutchence. So I advise to please support there music. Thank you!

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