She Vanished For 18 Years, Then Reappeared In The Most Unexpected Way

07 Mar 2021

She vanished for 18 YEARS, then reappeared in the most UNEXPECTED way. This is the true story of Jaycee Dugard, a girl who completely disappeared and wasn't found until 18 years later, shocking the nation. In this true crime documentary, we're covering this unbelievable story of survival. In 1991, Jaycee Dugard completely vanished without a trace while she was on her way to school. Despite a massive investigation launched by detectives, she was unable to be found. For years, many thought her cold case would never be solved - then, suddenly, she was found. Join us for a true crime storytime covering the solved case of Jaycee Dugard.

[Video] [Imagery] supplied by Getty Images.

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