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❣️Top 7 Foods that Unclog Arteries Naturally and Prevent Heart Attack

28 Views· 04 Oct 2021
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Discover the best foods that unclog arteries naturally & prevent heart attack. Full guide & references→ https://dailyhealthpost.com/re....verse-clogged-arteri

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Foods high in B Vitamins
Some of the best foods high in B vitamins include salmon, trout, leafy greens like spinach, liver and organ meats, eggs, milk, beef, oysters, clams, and mussels, legumes like beans and peas, chicken and yogurt.

Foods high in L-Arginine
Some of the best foods high in L-Arginine include turkey, pork loin, chicken, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, peanuts, spirulina, dairy, chickpeas and lentils.

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This video is about foods that unclog arteries naturally, but we cover the following topics:
- heart disease
- high blood pressure
- atherosclerosis

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Today, we'll take a look at 7 of the best foods that clean your clogged arteries.

These foods that unclog arteries naturally have been proven by scientific studies to reduce, and even reverse the build up of plaque.

Have you heard of the word "atherosclerosis"?

It refers to the hardening of your arteries due to a buildup of plaque.

Plaque is essentially a combination of cholesterol, fatty substances, cellular waste products, calcium and fibrin - a protein in the blood that helps with clotting.

When plaque clogs up your arteries, you are at risk for having a heart attack or stroke.

The good news is, atherosclerosis is preventable, and even reversible in some cases.

For more information please watch the video until the very end.


Intro - 00:00
Garlic - 01:53
Pomegranate - 02:25
Kimchi - 03:06
Sesame Seeds - 04:00
Turmeric - 05:12
B Vitamins - 06:03
L-Arginine - 07:21

If you wish to learn more about foods that unclog arteries naturally, see link in comments.
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Translated titles:
Estos 7 alimentos LIMPIAN sus arterias y pueden prevenir un ataque cardíaco (¡DESBLOQUEE las arter

Diese 7 Lebensmittel REINIGEN Ihre Arterien und können einen Herzinfarkt verhindern (Arterien natü

Ces 7 aliments nettoient vos artères et peuvent prévenir une crise cardiaque (artères UNCLOG natu

Estes 7 alimentos LIMPAM suas artérias e podem prevenir um ataque cardíaco (DESBLOQUEIE as artéri

ये 7 फूड्स आपकी धमनियों को साफ़ करते है


이 7 가지 식품은 동맥을 깨끗하게하고 심장 마비를 예방할 수 있습니다 (자

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luk123 19 days ago

N A cetyl Cysteine ,, [NAC] combined with bromelain has been proved to help reduce the effects of the spike proteins in these poisonous jabs ,, I've used NAC and bromelain since i got blood clots 3 years ago ,, a really good supplement ..excellent for the lungs etc ,,especially for breathing problems ,,copd etc ,,

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