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Pick A Card Tarot Reading For The Week 16 to 22 April 2021

25 Views· 18 Apr 2021

My Apologies, seems like I cut out a little of the intro to the video and skipped forward before announcing the third gemstone, the Black Onyx.

See the timestamps below to skip to your stone of choice.We all resonate with different numbers. Pick a pile that you resonate with or the gemstone that catches your eye.

These pick a card tarot readings are general readings. Upcoming readings will have themes involved with the reading to change things up a bit. The overall theme for the three readings had to do with letting go of the past.

Making decisions and moving forward. We need to understand that we can’t always protect ourselves by wearing our armor.

Sometimes we need to be vulnerable and learn new things.Sometimes, you need to walk away from circumstances that no longer suit you and try something new.Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Believe that there can be a better future and do whatever it takes to try and get there. Never be afraid to ask for help, because teamwork and the melding of skills will accelerate your achievements.

Book a Personal Reading: https://messagesinthestars.simplybook.me
The reading will take 30 minutes or less and you can always chat with me afterwards via Telegram, Messenger or Whatsapp. (Links below)

Pile 1 – Citrine 00:00:37
Pile 2 – Moonstone 00:23:26
Pile 3 – Black Onyx 00:53:36

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