GVP #191 - David Adelman - The People's Lawyer (MARK DEVLIN)

21 May 2021


This series’ focus on effective ways of resisting tyranny and assaults on our natural rights and freedoms through self-empowerment continues, as David Adelman, aka The People’s Lawyer guests.

David’s work involves separating the lawful - that which is rooted in the Natural Law of the Universe - from the ‘legal’ - that which is the product of for-profit, corporate policy, and which seeks to remove the natural rights of the living man or woman by creating fictional entities in their name, achieved through trickery, deception and the use of Word Magic.

David seeks to restore People Power through encouraging all individuals to recognise and stand in their personal sovereignty, and outlines many ways in which this approach can be practically applied in our lives.

David’s main website is:

The People’s Lawyer UK YouTube channel is here:

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