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Best rendition of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER you will ever hear!

83 Views· 15 Sep 2021
Billy Jones
Billy Jones
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⁣I do not live in the USA, I am not even American but consider this to be my anthem. I wish only that all Americans could love their country as much as I do love America......freedom, values and GOD. If this rendition does not give your spine chills....you are probably a Democrat....wanna trade countries Democrats ?

Bio of Deanieboy:
"⁣I am almost extinct. I am a male, I am White and I am Christian. I was
born in Africa and I live in Africa. I have fought in war, and I have
lost to Socialism and Communism because Conservatives never had the
guts to fight the good fight. My heart lies with the American people,
their values, their freedom and their love for God. My heart bleeds for the USA, as they are too blind to see what is coming. I pray that you will find the courage to fight this evil. Please open your eyes America. Link: ⁣https://ourtube.co.uk/watch/so....uth-africa-is-in-rui

#billyjones #nationalanthem #southafrica #deanieboy #freedom #stopthenwo #resist #timetoresist #thegreatawakening #saveamerica

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