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Biden & Harris groping a young boy live on TV earlier today. - DON'T WATCH! - Disgusting!

201 Views· 19 Nov 2021
Billy Jones
Billy Jones
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⁣Biden & Harris groping a young boy live on TV earlier today. Then he invites him backstage in a soft voice after he pets the boys face. - SAD. - DISGUSTING. - DON'T WATCH IT! Psychology 101: Anyone who speaks to a child in a different voice than their regular voice is not sane, and should be kept away from kids.. Bless. #resist #news #biden #fuckjoebiden #letsgobrandon #politics

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ScotchMistConCeption 1 month ago

OK, didn't watch. If that's so why aren't they being taken out and dealt with, thought the USA was swamped with “heroes” and guns, or are they all mouth and no action… If there was one country that could have sorted this before it started, it was the USA… It’ll be the French, Italians, Eastern Europeans and English that will get this done. The USA, Australia and Canada etc have proven themselves to be lame ducks, no wonder they ran away from their homelands instead of fighting, no we know why...

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Stop Estafas - Stop Scams

I up the video but won´t watch it.
It´s like normies have never seen a movie where a villain causes harm in play sight. It´s like have never heard of "spectator effect".
They are sheeple.

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2 months ago

Sick batard ,,but so are all of them ,,we're being governed by nonces ,, he looks as though hee's checking the meeat content on that child ,,,what sort of idiot would purt their kid anywhere near this bed wetting walking corpse..?

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Billy Jones
Billy Jones 2 months ago


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