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Canada Court Revokes Emergency Declaration

7 Views· 17 Aug 2021
The Watchman

⁣Have any questions, please contact David at ......tell him you saw him on Wil Paranormal.
There is good news and bad news. The Good News is that Bill C-10 is DEAD on the Table and will not pass.
More good news is that Canadian courts have removed all the illegal powers of the Premiers in Canada and have said that mask mandates and vaccinations are also illegal and must stop immediately. The people need to DISOBEY any such orders given by these criminal politicians.
The courts have also ordered that all the Experimental Vaccines are to halt immediately.
Food Shortages to begin this Fall, all part of the Elites DEPOPULATION Agenda 2021.
It is too late to save the ones who have already taken the shot as Scientists are now stating that two billion vaccinated will soon die.
These criminal politicians, health officials and sons of bitches will all be held accountable through Nuremberg Trials coming soon.
NOW is the time to ARREST TRIAL AND EXECUTE Persons in government and media that continue with their fraud

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Mauser1953 2 months ago

Can you cite the case and judgement

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OurTube 2 months ago

He posted the links

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